Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How much does a ford ranger weigh in tons?

I am trying to scrap a ford ranger xlt with a six banger engine and short cab. How much would the weightage be in tonage?|||2 to 3 tons|||I own a 2005 Ranger, and I believe the weight is around 3000 pounds. It has the aluminum 4-cylinder engine, and that makes it a few hundred pounds lighter than a Ranger with the 6-cylinder cast iron engine. I keep a hundred pounds of ballast in the bed, as bags of sand, for better ride, traction, and handling.|||It varies - from a regular cab , short box , 2 wheel drive , 2.3 L , manual transmission at roughly 2500 lbs (give or take 100 lbs) to a supercab , 4X4 , V6 , automatic transmission at roughly 3000 lbs shipping weights ( give or take 100 pounds )|||It varies by model and trim, if you have the title that should have the weight in Pounds, just divide that by 2,000 and you have tons. My '87 F-150 weighs 1.5 tons, but my '08 Tundra weighs in at 2.5 tons|||2009 Ford Ranger= 1.514 tons

3028 pounds|||unless its torn down youre only gonna get 1-200 bux for it drill wholes in the oil pan and take the interios and anything non-metal out of it to get actual tonage.|||2.1 tons..|||about 2-2.5 tons|||It varies|||200|||check the manuel or take it to a public scale...

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